Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much content is in the database?

  • The total number of statistics included in the database is listed on the homepage. In addition, you may use any of the major search headers (e.g. Soldiers, Regiments, and Battles) to search the number of items under a search.

  • Can you print out pages from the database?

  • Yes, each page has a printer icon that will allow you to print the text for educational research and classroom use. Please note that printing is limited by U.S. Fair Use Provisions and international copyright law.

  • Are there URLs for each work that can be emailed to students/colleagues?

  • Yes, each page has a static URL that can be used to direct others to the work. Click the static URL icon in the top right corner of the page next to the printer icon for the static URL.

  • How do we get usage statistics for our institution?

  • Usage statistics can be obtained by emailing Please state the name of your institution and specify the time period for which you would like usage data.

  • Can I search for multiple terms in a field?

  • Yes, each field in a search is enabled with a OR operator. The OR operator retrieves all instances where individual words or phrases appear (e.g., Smith OR Smythe; Boiling Point OR Fork ). Note that entering more search terms into an 'OR' search will increase the number of results and is particularly useful when you want to include synonyms of your main search term. Please also note that 'AND' and 'NOT' operators are not enabled for search fields in the database.

  • What is an RSS feed?

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a popular way to keep updated on what is new with a web site without having to continually visit the site. RSS feeds contain headlines and links to web pages which contain additional information. In the case of Alexander Street Press databases, the RSS feed will deliver new and featured titles recently added to the product. If you are waiting for a specific author to be added to the product, for example, the RSS feed will deliver that alert to you.

    How can I receive RSS feeds?

    Applications known as aggregators, news readers, or feed readers can retrieve, update, and display RSS feeds from any site. A number of news readers are available to download at no cost. Google has compiled a list of readers which you may find helpful.

    How do I subscribe to a feed?

    Click on the feed icon, .

    Copy and paste the URL for the feed into the address field in your news reader (see above).

    That's it! Simply check your news reader regularly to receive updates from the particular Web page you have subscribed to.

    Admin Alert: Our Platforms Are Now Updated with HTTPS

    This past summer, Alexander Street began supporting HTTPS on its platforms (in addition to HTTP) to strengthen security and privacy of your information.

    On January 2, 2018, all Alexander Street platforms will permanently transition from HTTP to HTTPS. Existing HTTP links will redirect to HTTPS when the transition occurs. Organizations that use proxies to access Alexander Street platforms will need to update links and certificates to support HTTPS.

    This support article shows how to complete changes in proxy servers and provides answers to common questions. Even if you don't use proxies, you'll want to review and convert links to their HTTPS versions. (Note: Access to your Alexander Street content has not been impacted even if you haven't yet made the switch.)
    Links will redirect from HTTP to HTTPS for some time to come, but we encourage you to do this important work today if you haven't already.

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